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After  being around the business for years, in 1997 Paul Stoural, a veteran, started Marathon Home Services to be a company that met his philosophy in home improvement. And that was to provide quality materials and superior workmanship that strives to not only to meet, but to exceed today’s home improvement standards and to be proud to stand behind his work. Customer satisfaction was and still is his main concern!

Not only do we make your home more attractive and livable, we improve its value.  We use the latest technology, quality material and superior workmanship to provide you the highest satisfaction in whatever project we work on in your home.

Here are a few reasons you should consider using Marathon Home Services

  1. There are three philosophies that we live by: honesty, integrity, and an unprecedented level of service
  2. We are not only affordable, we save you money.
  3. We are meticulous and we don’t leave until the job is done.
  4. We install only the highest quality materials.
  5. All of our products and services come with a warranty.
  6. Marathon Home Services, Inc. takes the installation of our products above industry standards.
  7. We will assist you with your insurance claims.
  8. We take pride in our work.
  9. We treat your home like it is our home!
  10. Family owned Christian values

Marathon Home Services General Contractors License can be found at: