deck drawing example
Deck with pergolla
Finished deck
Deck under construction
Deck Framing Photo
Pergola over deck

What’s special about the Marathon deck experience:

  • Concept/Plan
  • Foundation
  • Frame
  • Stability
  • Decking
  • Railing
  • Steps/Patio

We start by providing a computer generated deck plan and concept art.  Rather than having our customers rely solely upon their imagination to envision a new deck proposal, we prefer to provide our customers an image of their home with the very deck we are proposing to install transposed onto it.

Decks are only as good as their foundation.

That’s why a proper “footing” is essential; we pour 12″-16″ diameter cement columns 42″ deep in the ground under each support post.  This not only meets local code standards for our region, but also puts the footing deep enough in the ground past our winter’s frost line; essentially to prevent the cement column from heaving or settling along with your deck.


Next we want to continue this stability throughout the construction of your deck by using 6×6 support posts from the footing all the way up into your rail posts.  Giving you an overall more stable deck feel and support for the years to come vs. the common “cantilever” design which is weak and loosens over time.

Deck before Photo
Deck After Photo
Deck After Photo
large deck before photo
Large deck after photo

We insist on using quality materials by using exclusive suppliers such as Cedar Creek and Builders Supply.

We build most of our decks with either Premium Grade Red Cedar or TimberTec® composite.   For the underside of your deck and frame; we insist on using a premium kiln dried southern yellow pine(SYP) pressure treated lumber vs. the standard wet pressure treated that is usually provided from the local home improvement stores that is prone to twisting and raising in an undesirable manner.    

We also prefer to install the top decking with high end specifically designed deck screws vs. nails to prevent lifting and for ease of a need for a board replacement. We also suggest a black powder coated aluminum deck rail spindle as a maintenance free option for your deck at no addition charge over the standard 2” x 2” cedar wood spindle.  We will provide either at no additional cost.

For our attachment system we prefer, for the deck’s ledger board to the house, is LedgerLOK  vs. the standard hardware and lag bolts. LedgerLOK has been designed to specifically be used on ledger board applications.  It does less damage to your home’s wall and has threads designed for better grip.  And where the lag bolts are susceptible to moisture running past them over time and thus rotting wood and bringing a leak into your home,  LedgerLOK has a coating designed to activate when installed to seal itself into its hole and prevent potential moisture issues related to the ledger board fasteners.

Deck Drawing example
Deck Drawing example
Deck Drawing example
Deck Drawing example
Deck Drawing example

For composite decks and decking material we prefer to use TimberTec® composite products and for railing we like to use the Westbury aluminum rail system. We have found in our experience, we can achieve the best overall results using these two products.   For one, composite materials are not all created equal and these both meet our quality standards for our guarantee and end up being among the most competitively priced system to pass on the savings, without compromising on the quality for our customer.