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Landmark Pro – Prairie Wood

Marathon Home Services believes not only in quality workmanship in roof installation, but also quality materials. That is why we recommend and use mostly CertainTeed™ products. CertainTeed offers a wide array of residential roofing shingle options with profiles that are as beautiful as they are durable. You will get a roof that is made from the highest quality roofing materials and backed by a strong warranty program. 


Landmark PRO is engineered to outperform ordinary roofing in every category.

***We are part of the CertainTeed Master Shingle Applicator™ Program and have a Shingle Quality Specialist™ on staff.

Certainteed has one of the best warranties in the business and since we meet the CertainTeed high standards for application,  we are able to pass along to you the SureStart Plus coverage,  giving you even more protection in the early years of your new roof.

Presidential Shake
Shingles Presidential

The Presidential Shake™ is the original luxury shingle. CertainTeed™ created this shingle to replicate the look of cedar shakes with the performance of fiberglass construction.

While we recommend the entire CertainTeed™ line of shingles, we most often recommend the Premium Designer Series which includes Landmark® PRO, an overall ‘out-performer’ and for replacement of Cedar Shake Shingles the Presidential Shake™. Depending on the situation and the application, we may also recommend Malarkey Legacy® or GAF.

Living in the Omaha metro area, we are well aware of the problems that storms can cause for homeowners. Marathon Home Services will be there for our customers to secure your property if necessary. We will also try to  help you with your insurance claims to make sure that you get everything you deserve from your insurance policy!

Roofing photo
Roofing photo
Roofing photo

We don’t just use high quality roofing. Most companies use what is commonly called ‘tar paper’ or ‘felt paper’ for the underlayment of your new shingles. We don’t! First, we make sure the roof decking meets our quality and safety standards. Then we use a product from Tarco, called EasyLay™, which is a synthetic membrane that delivers excellent flexible long-term weather barrier performance to protect your home.